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Roofing Scam in Chapel Hill

I received a call to check a roof in Chapel Hill for damage. When I got to the house I was greeted by an elderly lady. She told me a roofer had stopped by her house and said that he had noticed she had some damaged shingles. The roofer offered to replace the 3 damaged shingles for her at no charge. The lady was glad to get the help and allowed the roofer to go on her house to do the free work. After being on the roof for 5-10 minutes the roofer came down and showed the lady some pictures of more extensive damage to her roof. He told her he could repair this damage for $450.00 and that if the damage wasn’t repaired soon she would have a major leak. Fortunately the lady was skeptical of the claims made by this roofer and called us to inspect. Once on the roof we immediately saw there was no damage to the roof and no repairs needed. The pictures the roofer had shown the lady were not even her house.

Unfortunately scams are common in roofing and construction. The elderly are frequently a target of these scams. Always get a second opinion, especially if you are not familiar with the person doing the work. Always beware of people stopping by your house uninvited and telling you there is damage to your house. Call us we will be glad to give you a free roof inspection.

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