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Damaged Trim May Cause Damaged Framing Lumber

We are often called out to homes in Durham and Raleigh area to replace damaged exterior trim and siding. The typical trim problems are usually damaged brick mold on windows and doors, damaged fascia and soffits and damaged window sills. As far as siding goes most of the damage we see involves masonite siding. These problems often result from a lack of maintenance and also from wood being painted but not primed. Occasionally the damage is so extensive the framing lumber behind the trim has also become damaged thus compromising the structure and requiring more extensive repairs.

There are things home owners can do to protect their siding and trim.

  • When your house is painted insist that the painters prime the wood first
  • When replacing masonite siding use a fiber cement siding
  • Never allow wood to remain on your house unpainted or poorly painted
  • Make sure all joints are caulked
  • Replace damaged wood as soon as you notice the damage
  • When replacing trim use a material that is more resistant to water than wood
  • Keep your gutters clean and free of debris

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