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Gutter Guards Damage Roof In Durham

Cole Roofing and Construction received a call the other day to inspect a roof for damage. The caller indicated they had recently had new gutters and gutter guards installed. They said the gutters were leaking and now they were getting leaks in their roof just above the fascia board. The caller indicated they had contacted the company that installed the gutters and gutter guards and that the company told them the problem was with the roof not the gutters or gutter guards. The leak had damaged the sheetrock and trim on the interior and soaked the carpet. The caller also had mold growing in the wet area on the sheetrock.

When Cole Roofing and Construction went out to inspect the damage the problem was obvious. The gutter and gutter guard installation was terrible. The gutters had been installed too high on the fascia board. Flat gutter guards had been installed in the gutters. The ends of the gutters were leaking as were the inside corners. The installer had applied unbelievable amounts of sealant trying to stop the leaks at the ends and inside corners but the issue causing the problem on the roof was the placement of the gutters and gutter guards. Water coming off the roof was being backed up under the shingles when it got to the gutters because the gutters were higher than the fascia. The plywood was damaged under the shingles.

We felt terrible for the homeowner. They had found this gutter company on the internet and thought they had done their homework. The owners trusted this company to do the work correctly. We offered them the option of either replacing the entire roof or replacing the plywood and shingles on the bottom row all the way around their house. Of course the gutters had to be removed first. The homeowners decided to replace the entire roof so the shingles would match and replace the gutters.

It was a very costly experience for the homeowners. The shingles would have lasted at least 5 more years. They had also paid a lot of money for the new gutters and gutter guards and now they had to pay us to fix it. Now we have to replace the sheetrock and trim and paint the interior of the house.

If you live in the Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill area and need a professional company with over 40 years experience in the residential repair industry give Cole Roofing and Construction a call. Cole Roofing and Construction will inspect your property and offer an honest assessment of the problem. We will also provide you with a fair, written estimate. Check out Cole Roofing and Construction reviews on Angies List.

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