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Ventilation Issues

We recently received a call from a concerned homeowner that told us they had installed a new roof less than 6 years ago but their roof looked like it needed to be replaced. They asked us to come out and take a look. So we went to their house and sure enough the roof appeared older than its age. We first looked at the roof from the ground and did not notice any problems. We saw the ridge vent on the roof and the soffit vents and thought their was sufficient ventilation. We then asked the owner if we could look at the roof from inside the attic. Once inside the attic the reason for the problem became more obvious. While the roofing contractor did install ridge vent on the roof when they re-roofed the house , they did not cut out the plywood at the ridge to allow for ventilation. Thus all the air was being blocked by the plywood at the ridge and the ridge vent was ineffective resulting in premature aging of the shingles and warranty issues for the homeowner.

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