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Out of Town Contractors

Typically when a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado or even a hail storm hits an area contractors from all over the state swarm in to solicit business. These contractors called “storm chasers” knock on doors and offer to install a new roof for the homeowner for whatever amount the insurance company will pay. All the homeowner has to do is pay their deductible and they get a new roof. The storm chaser will typically try to get the homeowner to sign a contract immediately agreeing to let them do the work. Sounds like a good deal and in some cases it may be. However, once the contractor completes the work they typically move on to another state to look for more work. Thus what happens if later on you have a problem with your roof? Do you think the out of town contractor is going to drive hundreds of miles to repair a leak on your home? Probably not, thus you are essentially stuck without any warranty for the labor on your roof. Remember a warranty, regardless of how impressive it may look on paper is only as good as the person or company that wrote it. Local contractors can also work with insurance companies to do the work. Often times without the high pressure sales approach and without the worry of what to do if there is a problem with your roof in the future.

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JH Paint Company provides Interior Painting and Exterior Painting to compliment your new roof.