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Why do I have different looking shingles on my roof?

As a roofing contractor, one of the things I naturally look at while driving through neighborhoods are peoples roofs. While I admit you can’t tell much about a roof from the street, there are some things that are noticeable from the street. Some roofing contractors try to cut corners and save as much money as possible when installing a roof. One of the most visible things to see is when a roofer installs architectural shingles but uses three tab(less expensive) caps to cover the hips and ridges. Thus, you end up with a roof that not only has different looking shingles but may not be covered fully by the warranty. If you happen to have a hip roof the difference in shingles is even more noticeable when this is done. There is only one reason a roofing contractor would do this and that is to save money.

So when hiring a roofing contractor be sure to specify in the written contract that the contractor use the caps for the hips and ridges that are recommended by the shingle manufacturer. Otherwise you may have trouble if a warranty issue arises with your roof.

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