Rotten Wood Replacement

A Family Tradition Since 1973 in Durham, North Carolina

If you have identified wood rot in your home, it is very important to address the problem immediately in order to avoid exacerbated problems. Rotting wood can cause significant structural damage and other unwanted problems in a home. Our experienced wood rot repair carpenters are skilled in identifying and addressing such issues before they become worse. We offer a full range of services including rotting wood removal, repair, and replacement.

What causes wood rot?
Residential wood rot is caused by moisture, snow, or sunlight exposure. While rotting wood is often the result of prolonged exposure, even short-term contact with one or more of these elements can cause a significant problem. Exacerbating factors can include poor design or installation; improper primer or paint application; and caulking, paint, and / or primer that is low in quality. If left unattended, wood rot can lead to serious problems, including termite damage and damage to the framing lumber. For this reason, it is very important to act quickly once you have identified rotting wood in your home.

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It is important to protect the wood in your home and to provide proper maintenance to wood exteriors in order to avoid rotting. Common problem areas include:

  • Board trim
  • Fascia boards
  • Wooden window sills
  • Fireboxes
  • Batten boards
  • Wood siding

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