Skylight Replacement by Durham Residential Roofers

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When you need to ensure the structural integrity of your roof, you can rely on the construction experts at Cole Roofing & Construction. Our commitment to respectful service and highest-quality skill has resulted in the trust and satisfaction of thousands of clients. Over the years, we have successfully installed more than 3,000 windows and conducted more than 4,000 roofing repairs. If your skylight needs to be repaired or replaced, you can find reliable workmanship with our fully licensed team.

If your skylight is leaking, we can examine the area to see if this points to a crack in the seal, or if the water is coming from a vent problem or other fissure in the roof. We can re-seal or replace the insulated glass altogether. If there is a problem of opaqueness or strange coloring, we can replace or re-coat the skylight. If the fault lies in the skylight's being improperly installed in the roof, we can re-install the window. And if the diagnosis shows that your roof itself requires repairing, we are more than up to the task. Our full-serving roofing team can provide a comprehensive solution for your roof or skylight issues.

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Whether you need an expert to replace your skylight, or problems with the skylight point to an underlying issue with your roof, call Cole Roofing & Construction. Our family-owned business produces outstanding products and services for the best rates.

You do not have to sacrifice value for affordability. Not only do we offer the lowest quotes, but our unparalleled technical ability has been relied on for construction on North Carolina's Governor's Mansion, several state universities, and numerous other prominent buildings. Contact us today to learn how we can provide the premier service you deserve.