Residential Roof Tear Off in Durham

Highest-Quality Service & Best Prices for Replacing Your Roof

If your roof needs to be replaced, it first needs to be carefully removed and inspected. Our licensed roofers are second-generation construction experts, and we are always committed to treating every house as if it were our own. At Cole Roofing & Construction, we have installed more than 5,000 roofs, and this includes high-profile projects such as work on the North Carolina Governor's Mansion and Museum of History. Not only do we provide superior workmanship, but our prices are unbeatable.

We will charge at least 10 percent less than any other licensed roofing contractor.

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For some owners, it can be tempting to simply add a layer on the roof to cover up the damage, but that will only delay the issue of water damage that will continue to grow. Because of the poor condition of the bottom roof layer, the new shingle-over would quickly deteriorate, and you would have to tear down the roof anyway. Why add an extra layer to only waste time and money? Not only is replacing your roof cost-effective, but if you rely on Cole Roofing & Construction, you can get superior service for the best prices in North Carolina.

The benefits of replacing your roof include:

  • Saving time and money
  • Restoring your home's appearance
  • Preserving a better value for your home

When our Durham roofing experts take down a roof, we can get a better look at the roof's underlying condition, as we are better able to inspect the chimneys, skylight, vent pipes, and other potentially vulnerable areas along the roof. In this way, re-roofing can find and address various problems to ensure that the replacement roof is sound and good to go for decades to come.

From roof tear off to re-roofing, our North Carolina roofing team has you covered wherever you live in the state, including Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham. Find the superior service you deserve when you contact us today!